Recommended Reading

Trimming Tips

What should your horse's hooves look like after correct trimming?

Contracted Hooves

A contracted hoof loses it ability to properly absorb concussion leaving the horse predisposed to major concussion related inquiries such as Navicular Disease, Ringbone, Pedal (coffin bone) Osteitis or Fractures and premature Arthritis.

Barefoot Tips

The first step after removing metal shoes from your horse as you commence your barefoot program is to be fully aware of what to expect and what hoofcare will be required.

A Buckskin Named Doc

Doc's recovery from Navicular, an inspiration for us all.

The Unfettered Hoof

Traditional hoof care methods are unable to maintain soundness, nor bring lasting relief to ailing horses due to reliance on traditional farrier methods which are incompatible with the normal physiologic needs of equine species.

Hoof Care Through The Ages

Equine hoof care has traditionally been the specialty of the village blacksmith, who's talents evolved in to a special field of farrier science.